Easter Egg Hunting

During Spring Break, I participated in one of my adored traditions. Easter Egg Hunting!! EggsOn Easter Sunday, my brother, sister and I excitedly scooped up our multicolored baskets and began looking for the eggs in my tiny backyard. The eggs were placed outside by the “Easter Bunny” and he was amazingly skilled at hiding them. He hid them inside the flower pot, in the bushes, under the rose bushes and in the yard. I quickly collected about 17 eggs. My basket was overflowing like sparkling water over a waterfall.  There were so many that  every step I took, an egg fell out.  My little brother noticed that I was dropping eggs.  Before I could retrieve my dropped, he snatched them with his tiny, but very cute, little fingers.  I let him keep most of them.

After the hunt, I quickly opened each plastic egg and I emptied the contents.  Each of them either had candy and or better yet, money!  I collected eighteen dollars!   After the three of us had opened all of our eggs, the living room smelled like Hershey’s chocolate and Starburst.  I loved that smell! I was incredibly cheerful about my findings, and the extra money was an added surprise.

 http://www.flickr.com/photos/79874304@N00/116884492     This picture relates to my posting because I’m talking about eggs and I used an egg picture.

6 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunting

  1. Dear soccer101a,
    I am from Mrs. Lofton’s period 2 class. After reading your posting, I discovered that you must really love easter egg hunting. I love it too! All your details were very easy to understand, I I loved your post!

    From, soccergirl13

  2. Dear soccergirl101a,

    I really liked your blog posting. It had so many details. I liked how you mentioned that your easter egg bag was ooverflowing like a sparkiling waterfall.

  3. Dear soccergirl101a,

    That was a great posting.You also had a lot of details.What are you going to do with the money you found?Hope you had fun!!!

  4. Dear soccergirl101a,
    It seems you had a lot of fun searching for Easter eggs. I don’t celebrate Easter but it sounds like a lot of fun. You are lucky too because you even got money! Great blog posting!

  5. I hope you had a great time because it sure did look like it. I also liked the metaphor u used “like sparkling water” It was a great balanced out post. I would like to see more from you. Great Job!

  6. Hello, Wow what a spring break! I thought your blog posting was very good. I like how you used plenty of detail.

    Great Job,

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