Pets. They are so much fun to have!  When I first got my goldfish, I was so happy, jumpy, and excited because I finally had a pet. Having a goldfish wasn’t my first choice for a pet, but I sure do love my little Frankie.  He is gold with alternating orange and white shiny scales.   He is very active and he always wants food.  If I didn’t have Frankie, I would love to have a cute puppy. I would cuddle my  puppy and I would take him for walks.   My puppy  would always be happy to see me when I got home from school and I would be happy to see him.  I would make sure that my puppy ate well and got plenty of exercise.  Someday, I hope to have a little puppy to love, just like the one in the picture below.


 Puppy picture








This Creative Commons Licensed picture relates to my posting because I would love to have a cute puppy.

5 thoughts on “Pets!!

  1. Dear Soccergirl01a,
    I like your idea of getting a dog. If I could get another pet, it would be a cat.
    Your friend

  2. Dear soccergirl101a’s,
    I really enjoyed your posting. It’s great that you finally got a pet. Even though its a fish it seems you are really happy. I hope you get a puppy that you’ve always wanted.


  3. Dear soccergirll01a,
    I really like how you described your fish. You made me feel like I could see your fish in my mind. You also did a very good job describing your dog and what you do with him. Altogether a very good job.

    Your friend,

  4. Dear soccergirl101a,
    I like your posting, my favorite part was how you told us about your fish. I’ve never had a fish and i wonder how it would be like to have one. Great posting.


  5. i like how you enjoyed having pets i really like a puppy .i have one and he is so cute. so i really like your post.

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