Last Day Of School!!

Today, is the last day of school for this year! The day went like this:

  1. sign yearbooks
  2. 30 minute periods
  3. say goodbye to teachers

I am really sad that I had to say goodbye, but I can visit those teachers next year.

Happy Summer Everyone!!


Creativity #2!

On this blog, my first post was “Creativity101”. I answered these three questions. First, how can I be creative in today’s world? Second, what part will the Internet play in helping me be creative? Lastly, if I can post my art, video, or writing work on the Internet for the world to see, will this make me work differently than if only my teacher was going to see it? I answered those questions, now, to see the differences.

I can be creative in today’s world by my style.  I can choose to wear dark colors or light colors, depending on my mood. You can also be creative with the jewelry you pick out. I usually pick out the one that matches  my clothes. Recently, I got my ears pierced, and I can be creative with that as well. I can also be creative with my blog. I can choose different color themes to express my favorite colors. ( I love blue, and I chose this theme to express that.)

If I posted art, video or writing online, it would make me work a lot harder and longer because the whole world can see it. I like to make a nice first impression. If I was just handing it in to my teacher, I would work hard, but not as hard as something the whole world can see. Also, what I post online should be my absolute best work.

Now that I’ve been blogging for a number of months, my answers changed a little bit, and now they are a little more blog related. My favorite blog assignment this year was the booktalk about Turnabout by Margaret Peterson Haddix because I got to record my voice, and talk about one of my favorite books.

Creativity is a great quality, and it’s good to know that you have it!

Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix

The main character in this book is Cecilia, and she has to deal with many problems.  First, she is a princess in hiding because there are enemies that are trying to hurt her.  In order to protect her identity, Cecilia lives with her nanny.  Since she must somehow learn how to be a princess, Sir Stephen secretly teaches her everything she must know.  Second, she is in turmoil about whether or not to tell her best friend, Harper (a boy) that she is a princess.  She finally decides to tell  him her secret because she needs help.   There is a fake princess named Desmia pretending to be her and she needs help taking over as the real princess.   Throughout the entire book there are conflicts, solutions and tons of suspense.  Read the book to find out more!
One thing I have in common with Cecilia, is that we are both determined. Cecilia is determined because she learned the right way to be a princess and then she went all the way to the castle to claim her throne.  Likewise, I’m determined because I want to be the best that I can be with my Alto Saxophone. One way that I am different, from Cecilia, is that I am not in danger, and she was.
At the beginning of the book, I didn’t like Cecilia because I didn’t know that much about her and I didn’t understand her. At the end of the book, I knew a lot about her and I can relate to her. I learned that the more you know about the character, the more that you can understand and relate to them.
Cecilia's Crown
This photo is from Flickr Creative Commons.

Easter Egg Hunting

During Spring Break, I participated in one of my adored traditions. Easter Egg Hunting!! EggsOn Easter Sunday, my brother, sister and I excitedly scooped up our multicolored baskets and began looking for the eggs in my tiny backyard. The eggs were placed outside by the “Easter Bunny” and he was amazingly skilled at hiding them. He hid them inside the flower pot, in the bushes, under the rose bushes and in the yard. I quickly collected about 17 eggs. My basket was overflowing like sparkling water over a waterfall.  There were so many that  every step I took, an egg fell out.  My little brother noticed that I was dropping eggs.  Before I could retrieve my dropped, he snatched them with his tiny, but very cute, little fingers.  I let him keep most of them.

After the hunt, I quickly opened each plastic egg and I emptied the contents.  Each of them either had candy and or better yet, money!  I collected eighteen dollars!   After the three of us had opened all of our eggs, the living room smelled like Hershey’s chocolate and Starburst.  I loved that smell! I was incredibly cheerful about my findings, and the extra money was an added surprise.     This picture relates to my posting because I’m talking about eggs and I used an egg picture.

The Package

I am pretending that I’m an author and I just published a novel. It is in stores everywhere. Here is the first paragraph of my novel: ” As Julie was walking down the dark, deserted street she suddenly heard  footsteps behind her. As she turned to look back, the footsteps stopped. With a sense of panic, Julie started to run to her car. She knew that whoever was after her wanted the package in her arms. Earlier in the day, David, her coworker, told her to be careful and now she knew why.”

Here’s my Booktalk Script: The Package by Soccergirl101a, is a novel about a mysterious package. David, her coworker, told Julie to watch out. She didn’t know why he said that because she just had to pick up a package from him. As she was walking to her car with the package, she heard footsteps. Then, she turned around to see who it was and the footsteps stopped.Read the rest of the novel to find out what happens to Julie.

New Year’s Resolutions for Rachel

In the book, Spells and Sleeping bags by Sarah Mlynowski, I have a few resolutions for Rachel, the fourteen year old. First, I think she should stop obsessing about this boy, Raf, who didn’t really like her. Second, she should be more careful with her magic. Rachel messed up her floating spell, and asked her twelve year old sister to help reverse it. Lastly, she should give Liana another chance. Rachel and Liana were fighting, but then Rachel found out about Liana’s past. Then, she started to feel bad for her. I think that these resolutions will help Rachel.

One Holiday Tradition

Over the Winter Break, I participated in one of my favorite traditions. I decorated the Christmas tree with my family! It was a very loving room.  There was laughing and the feel of accomplishment. My younger brother, younger sister, mom and I stood back to look at the finished tree and we all agreed that it was beautiful. This tradition is special to me because my family comes and works together on this task. I also like the fact that my little brother wanted to decorate the tree too.


Pets. They are so much fun to have!  When I first got my goldfish, I was so happy, jumpy, and excited because I finally had a pet. Having a goldfish wasn’t my first choice for a pet, but I sure do love my little Frankie.  He is gold with alternating orange and white shiny scales.   He is very active and he always wants food.  If I didn’t have Frankie, I would love to have a cute puppy. I would cuddle my  puppy and I would take him for walks.   My puppy  would always be happy to see me when I got home from school and I would be happy to see him.  I would make sure that my puppy ate well and got plenty of exercise.  Someday, I hope to have a little puppy to love, just like the one in the picture below.


 Puppy picture








This Creative Commons Licensed picture relates to my posting because I would love to have a cute puppy.

Thanksgiving 2009

For Thanksgiving, I went to dad’s side of the family.  We were greeting our friends and family by hugging and kissing them.  By the end of that, I was feeling the love in the room. I feel so lucky  to have a family that loves and cares about me. As soon as I got there, I was waiting for my cousin to show up. Once she showed up, the fun would begin. I ran around with her in the backyard and I hung around with her all evening. This Thanksgiving  was so much fun and I really enjoyed it!